Due to Lado Gudiashvili 120 Anniversary , Painter's Daughter Mrs. Chukurtma Gudiashvili greeted Students of School XXI Century named after Lamara Margvelashvili.

18 March, 2016

New Year Eve

30 December, 2014  -  30 December, 2014

ART Georgia Tbilisi - Vika Gaziskaya Exhibition

8 November, 2014  -  8 November, 2014

A concert by singer Eka Mamaladze

5 July, 2013  -  5 July, 2013

”Young for Young”, a charity concert of classical music with the participation of singer Natalia Kutateladze and pianist David Aladashvili

22 June, 2013  -  23 June, 2013

Concert by the boys’ choir of the ”21st Century” Lamara Margvelashvili school to mark the International Day for the Protection of Children

1 June, 2013  -  1 June, 2013

Literary evening organized by Visit Georgia company

15 May, 2013  -  15 May, 2013

Soirée organized by Caucasus Travel company

3 May, 2013  -  3 May, 2013

Launch of a new album ”Lado Gudiashvili: Satirical Graphics 1940–1950”

17 April, 2013  -  17 April, 2013

Godfrey Deeny Lecture by "Societe Anonyme"

21 May, 2011  -  21 May, 2011

"Who Controls Fashion. The Rise And Fall Of John Galiano"

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